Western Home Decor

western home decorEmbrace the American old west and enjoy life like a cowboy by designing your house with western home decor. This style of decor, as indicated by its name, is inspired by the rugged wooden structures and imagery of the American old west at the turn of the century. Yet even though the style is based on more rugged country living in ranch houses, modern adaptations of western home decor make it enjoyable in any modern home.

Most elements of western home decor are handmade and old fashioned. One of the most commonly occurring materials in western home decor is wood of various types, and sometimes even with the bark left on. The types of woods used can vary from oak, pine and cherry, and can be used for flooring, sofa frames, bunk beds, rocking chairs, cabinets and even the home construction itself. Brick is another common type of material found, along with stone tiles.

Colors found in western decor tend to be muted or earthy tones, and also incorporating the materials used in construction. Clay reds and grays, sky blues and greens are all used to accent the wooden background.

Aside from the actual furniture and materials, the details that really make western home decor unique and fun are the accessories and western imagery. Wagon wheels, grandfather clocks, horseshoes, saddle bags and much more can be used as accessories to a western style home. Art prints and furniture patterns can depict a wide array of old west imagery such as horses, ranches, sweeping grassy fields, mountain ranges, lassos and cowboys.

Whether decorating a rugged ranch house or a suburban city home, using the styles of western home decor can help create a lovely home in the time honored western tradition.

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