Types of Home Decor

There are many different types and styles of home decor to consider when designing your home. Types of decor can depend heavily on the room you are furnishing, and actual styles can range dramatically in appearance. Different types of decor should be used for different areas and rooms of your home. Outdoor home decor will differ from bathrrom decor, just as bedroom decor contains completely different types of furniture and decor than a living room or garden. Different areas of your home should be unified in style, but contain different types of furniture and decor that are more appropriate for that particular area. Different types of home decor can include:

  • Bathroom Decor: clean, compact, calm, organized
  • Bedroom Decor: minimal, relaxing, functional, cozy
  • Dining Room Decor: elegant, bright, sturdy, accommodating
  • Garden Decor: flowing, natural, earthy, fresh
  • Home Office Decor: professional, uncluttered, work-friendly, peaceful
  • Living Room Decor: welcoming, durable, spacious, comfortable
  • Outdoor Decor: weather-proof, metals, stones, entertaining
  • Wall Decor: artistic, motivational, vintage, photos

Though the different rooms and areas of your home will contain different types of decor, the overall style and theme of your home should be relatively consistent. There is much room to play with this however, and many people make a point to feature completely different styles of furniture and decor throughout each room in their home. Variation is an artistic statement in itself. But before you can choose what styles you'd like to achieve, you must know what styles are available to choose from. Home furniture and decor are available in a variety of styles:

  • Country Home Decor: Country home decor is often confused with western decor. Though they do share similarities, traditional country home decor is not specific to the american old west, but rather a more general relaxed and removed feel of nature found in the country side. Country decor typically utilizes organic materials such as pine or oak wood, with simple lines and few frills. The period of country decor stems from a combination of styles from American, French and various other countries around the 17th and 18th centuries.
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  • French Home Decor: French home decor as its name suggests draws its design elements from French homes. French decor focuses on open spaces, and incorporating elemetns from nature such as gardens, herbs, plants and fireplaces. Stone walls are very comomon, along with draped beds, wall sconces and ornate wall decor. Organic blue tones, grays and creams permeate combined with other ornate furniture and wall decor create the classic feel of French home decor.
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  • French Country Home Decor: A combination of different styles can be found in French country home decor. Combining rustic and weathered textures with more polished materials and decroations, French country design creates a unique feel of comfort and warmth surrounded by the impression of culture and historic tradition. Detailed mantle places, and ornately carved tables display various candle holders, old books, classic kettles or clocks from the styles of old France. Pastel colors and white washed wood create the classic feeling of French country home decor.
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  • Modern Home Decor: Modern home decor is typically characterized by containing clean lines and a minimalistic approach to design. A well designed modern style home will utilize not only the furniture space but the negative space around it to complete the look. Each piece of furniture has a specific and obvious purpose, no piece is wasted and empty space is embraced rather than filled with purposeless decor. A modern style is typically more open, straight lined, with ample space between pieces, creating an overall sense of structure, purpose and elegance.
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  • Nautical Home Decor: It is very common for nautical themed homes to be located near the water, but they don't necessarily have to be. You can create the illusion of being near the water by using common nautical design elements. Nautical colors tend to be light and airy, though usually contrasted with bold blue or red stripes. Beach and ocean imagery are prevalent, such as seashells, fish, boats and sandy expanses. Nautical decor leans towards light beach colors like sky blue, sandy beige and a lot of solid white. Furniture materials use a lot of rope, wicker and wood, all of which convey the pleasant reminder of being on a boat or beach.
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  • Rustic Home Decor: Rustic style homes rely more on textured and old fashioned items to create a more cozy and homemade feel. Typical rustic styled design includes a much more personal and hand crafted appearance, featuring time worn or distressed furniture. This type of design uses natural and earth color tones and natural materials such wood, stone, terra cotta tile, clay and metals.
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  • Western Home Decor: Embrace the old west with western home decor. Using rustic furniture and warm colors, a western style home can make you feel like your living on a ranch, even if you're actually in the middle of the city. The use of common western imagery is most prevalent, including horses, saddles, cows, grassy plains and other prairie animals. Furniture materials tend to be very rugged and organic, with lots of leather and quilted textures.
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Other popular styles of home decor include:

  • Beach Home Decor: light woods, whites, palms, sand and beach themed imagery
  • Log Home Decor: rustic, earth tones, logs, warmth, old fashioned furniture
  • Tuscan Home Decor: terra cotta tiles, yellows and pinks, hardwood floors,
  • Vintage Home Decor: distressed, classic, artistic, organic and hand made furniture

In the grand world of interior design and home decor there are many different pieces of furniture for various rooms, and many different styles to choose from. With enough research, patience and planning you can find the perfect home decor for your specific needs and tastes.

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