Southwest Home Decor

southwest home decorCombining the styles of several cultures, southwest home decor embraces the open desert style of the southwest. Southwest decor is actually a combination American, Mexican and Spanish, and American Indian cultures. The meeting of these peoples was very prevalent in the southwest which is why their styles have been fused together in this type of decor. The purpose of this style of home decor utilizes natural and outdoor elements and blending them with the home interior.

Materials in southwest home decor tend to be rugged and roughhewn. Oak or pine woods are commonly used for flooring or furniture and smooth stone tiles are also used as flooring or decor for countertops or walls. Color schemes for southwest decor are inspired by the deserts where the style originated from. Muted sand and earth tones are prevalent, but are often contrasted by sharp, vibrant colors added for accent. With the oppressive heat usually surrounding homes in the southwest, darker and cooler colors are used to counter this feeling of heat and make the home seem cooler.

Dark woods are used in furniture and cabinets are a very popular type of southwest accessory. Ornately carved cabinets, shelves and furniture are prevalent and give testament to the Spanish influences from which it partially originated. Other types of desert items make great additions to southwest home decor. Cactuses and other desert imagery like animals, lizards and mountains can be used as patterns on the walls or furniture.

Homes found in the states of Arizona, New Mexico or Texas can all have influences of southwest decor. This type of decor combining the styles of several cultures makes southwest home decor a great way to embrace the desert culture and lifestyle.

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