Rustic Home Decor

rustic home decorUsing rustic home decor to design your home is a great way to add an earthy and warm feel. Rustic home decor is typically defined as using warm earth tones combined with distressed furniture and decor using time worn or handmade materials. This rustic and classic feel creates an organic texture to a home.

Though the description of rustic home decor conveys time worn or distressed decor, it should not be confused with being shabby or old broken down furniture. Instead it should be viewed more as vintage or handcrafted. Other common terms for describing rustic home decor is homemade, old fashioned, organic, hand crafted and purposely distressed. As its name suggests, rustic decor can convey the passage of time, items from the past, rusty or worn.

A few examples of types of homes that can utilize rustic home decor are Spanish style haciendas, country style ranches, log cabins or even wood lodges popular around ski resorts. But no matter where you actually live, you can always implement the design styles of rustic home decor to create a natural and earthy home that you can feel warm and cozy in.

There are many types of organic and crafted materials used in rustic home decor including several types of wood and stone. Clay and terra cotta tiles are common, as are bamboo, oak and cherry woods as well as cotton, textured wall paint and even worn or rusted metals. Implementing any or all of these types of decor can add a rustic textured and organic feel to your home.

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