Rustic Country Garden Decor

rustic country garden decorFor the gardening enthusiasts who wish to convey beauty, simplicity and elegance there are many lovely qualities found in rustic country garden decor. The style of rustic country in the garden conveys a classic old fashioned feel of a more simple time. Using the styles and design of rustic country garden decor allows one to bring the peace and serenity of classic gardens to the privacy and comfort of their own yard.

Before technology revolutionized how furniture and decor is manufactured, furniture pieces and decor accessories were almost a part of the landscape in which they were displayed. Rustic country decor for the garden focuses on this feeling of nature blended with the home. Ivy work, stone planters and even rustic wooden furniture covered in vines and ivy all help create a seamless connection between the furniture and garden. Stone and ceramic pots containing a variety of plants and flowers provide great accents to the garden decor.

Other great items to help accent your rustic country garden can be created by turning ordinary items into garden decor. Old bicycles and wheelbarrows can be turned into planters, and accented with moss or vines growing over them. Use old fashioned flowers also to help complete the feel of a classic era gone by. Daisies, petunias and pansies can be used to fill the planters and vase. Other great rustic items that can be used around the garden as accessories are old watering cans, shovels and barrels. Iron wrought furniture and gates adorned with vines and flowers will add an old fashioned rustic quality.

Among the stone vases and planters, stone can also be featured in various types of bird baths and statues. Bird baths and bird feeders will also help invite nature back into your garden.

Using rustic country decor in your garden can help create a peaceful and natural place to relax. The rustic qualities and simple design elements of rustic country garden decor are reminiscent of an old fashioned era and can help you feel completely at ease.

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