Nautical Home Decor

nautical home decorThe beach and ocean themes of nautical home decor will are great for homes already on the beach, or for those simply wishing to create the illusion of permanently living at the beach or at sea. Nautical home decor is typically found at beach houses, resorts, lake houses or other homes near the sea or large body of water. The purpose of its design schemes is to bring the elements of the outdoors to the inside. Shells, ropes, cotton, wicker and canvas are all popular materials that mimic the beach or ocean life.

The colors used in nautical home decor tend to reflect the ocean or beach colors they are trying to blend with. Lighter sand colors, sky blues and whites are very common and are often highlighted with bold colors like dark ocean blues or reds. The striped patterns of blue, red and white are a common theme throughout nautical styled homes, and the floors tend to be light wood.

Light woods and wicker are popular materials for nautical furniture. The wood and canvas materials are reminiscent of boats and life at sea, and help create the illusion of life on a boat. Sea themed patters are also appropriate for furniture and walls, and can range from simple silhouettes of fish and sea creatures to palm trees and sea shells. Various items found at the beach also make great nautical decor accessories and accents. Sea shells, smooth stones in glass jars, sea glass all make great center pieces in various rooms.

Whether decorating a beach house or creating the image of life at sea, using the design styles of nautical home decor can help create a living environment that is reminiscent of the relaxing beach and flowing sea.

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