French Home Decor

french home decorTraditional French home decor is based on the design styles from classic French homes. No matter what country you actually live in, the classic look of French home decor can add an elegance and sophistication to your home. Because of the unique look, items are not quite as common as more typical American furniture, but there are still many options available to successfully achieve this lovely style of home decor.

The basic color palette that is common for French decor includes organic blue and gray tones, espresso browns and cream highlights. Wall materials can be more textured or even contain gold leaf patterns reminiscent of old France. Materials used can range from rustic stones or various light and dark woods. French design also relies on open spaces and puts a strong focus on nature and plants. Wide terraces overlooking gardens are very common but homes without terraces can simply use a window planter box and fill it with plants, herbs and flowers.

Furniture with ornate carvings, desks with thin legs and heavily draped beds are all classic pieces to use. Stone is also very prevalent in French home decor. Fireplaces, stone walls, or even statue center pieces all help create a sense of classic decor. Ornate wall decor and wall sconces add texture and lighting, and can be used to highlight certain areas of interest.

Utilizing the design themes of French home decor can create a delicate elegance to your home and remind you of the beauty of old France.

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