French Country Home Decor

french country home decorHome decor inspired by the French countryside is a popular style in many homes and apartments today. There are several defined elements to this home style that are easy to capture, even for those new to decorating. By using a little know-how, you can utilize different components in your home to project the warm hominess of this style.

The general look of French country decor is relaxed and airy. The style is not forced nor is it exact. The feel of a room decorated in this style incorporates a mix-and-match attitude. Items that create a harmonious contrast are often found in this style. The trick to doing this successfully is to have a common theme, like a certain color. This creates balance in the room while allowing you to piece together your elements effectively.

Materials that are generally found in French country decor include things like natural fibers, linens, wood, stone and clay. These are all elements that lend an earthy connection to your space. They also create a room that is inviting and casual, just as nature is outside.

Colors most often found in homes decorated in this style are often warm and inviting. Soft yellows, creamy pinks and reds, smoky blues and grays are all utilized in French country home decor. Incorporating these palettes with the fabrics that you choose to decorate with can only enhance the effect of this style. What is known as "Indienne Cottons", "Toile de Jouy", "Homespun" and "Ticking" are all fabrics that are commonly utilized. By decorating with these fabrics in a compatible color palette, you can easily capture the French countryside in your home.

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