Country Home Decor

country home decorTraditional country home decor is a great way to create a warm and quaint living environment. Though similar to western decor and often confused with it, they differ in many respects. For one, country home decor focuses more on the general rustic and natural qualities of living in more remote country side areas, rather than specific American country side which defines western home decor.

The warm natural qualities of country home decor can refer to many different styles of decor originating from many countries. The more common countries famous for helping define the look of country decor include France, America and other styles from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Common materials used in country decor include pine and oak woods, thick drapes, braided rugs and many types of handmade items. Hardwood floors and hand-stitched pillows also add to the look. Furniture and design tend to have simple lines, with few frills or extra adornments. Time worn and textured furniture add a very earthy feel and combined with natural hues like chocolate browns and creams create the feel of nature and coziness. Other highlight colors like reds and greens can be used to add a lively diversity to the design.

Country home decor combines styles from many different countries, but overall utilizes earth tones, handmade materials and rustic textured furniture to give the illusion of a peaceful countryside home. Finding the right country home decor can have you relaxing and put right at ease no matter where your home is actually located.

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