Bedroom Decor

bedroom decorDesign theories for fung shui in the bedroom focus on minimal design. The bedroom should be a place of immense relaxation, so distracting and overly populated bedroom decor can detract from a peaceful environment. Look for bedroom decor that focuses on simple clean design, comfortable furniture while also reflecting your personal design tastes. The ideal design of a fung shui bedroom will contain only a bed. That is the only completely crucial piece of furniture in a bedroom. Starting fromt there, select only pieces that are necessary and that add to your personal sense of comfort. Combining these elements in a balanced way will help ensure a comfortable sleeping environment.

Even when simply considering a bed there are many factors to consider. Mattress type, bedframe style, sheet thread count, decorative pillows and more. The important thing is to start simple with the mindset of only selecting things that will increase your comfort. Pictures and frames are very common especially in bedrooms because it reminds people of loved ones, which in turn encourages relaxation.

Some people prefer to watch TV in bed so a conveniently placed TV stand is important to avoid turning the neck in uncomfortable angles to view the TV. Some people love to read in bed, which makes lamps and light fixures very important for proper reading. But one very overlooked piece of bedroom decor for reading is of course bed pillows. Whether tempurpedic, microbead, roll pillows or u-shaped neck pillows, for those who spend a lot of time sitting or reading in bed it is crucial to have a good neck support pillow to keep your neck and spine aligned.

Modern or rustic bedroom decor themes are very popular. Modern bedroom decor focuses on minimal furniture and clean lines which will contain less distractions in the bedroom. Rusic bedroom decor creates a very cozy and warm environment, which encourages sleep very much.

Whatever your preference of bedroom decor, remember to focus only on that which will provide optimal comfort and allow a restful night sleep.

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