Bathroom Decor

bathroom decorEven though a bathroom is typicall the least viewed or showcased room in a home, it is still a very important place and deserves as much attention to style and decor as any other room. Bathroom decor can add personality as well as function to a bathroom. Because bathrooms tend to be smaller, finding bathroom decor with dual purpose can be very important. Shelf units can douple as towel racks, medicine cabinets can offer an additional mirror and even toothbrush holders can be used as organizers or various grooming items.

Modern art continues to push the boundaries of how we think about home decor. Funny enough, the simple plumbing of bathtubs and sinks provide unique ways to decorate a bathroom. Some styles conceal pipes and create a clean straight edge design, while other types of bathroom decor actually highlight the pipes and actually incorporate it into the design and feel. Old rusted and copper pipes if polished and updated would make a great artistic addition to a rustic or retro style bathrrom. Free standing basin dishes are also now commonly used for sinks, and bathtubs can be either set in the wall or free standing as well, creating many more design possibilities.

Since most bathrooms are smaller enclosures it is beneficial to create a quaint or cozy feeling room. Tropical themes are very popular, with bright colored walls, fresh flowers and wood shelves. Modern themes are also popular since they convey cleanliness, which is quite important in a bathroom. Modern bathroom decor tends to consist of polished or chrome racks and finishes with muted or gray color schemes. Whatever type of bathroom decor is preferred, it should at the least tie in somewhat with the design of the home, while also conveying a sense of coziness, cleanliness and comfort.

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